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Affordable & Stylish Boen Flooring

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Boen Hardwood Flooring

This three-layered hardwood flooring is stable, elegant, durable, warm, natural and stylish. Make your choice today!

Boen Hardwood flooring is renowned globally for the premium quality flooring that stands the test of time and offers a greater durability to the hardwood flooring. You can get a comprehensive range of wood species and stain colors if you buy Boen’s durable long strip click lock floors. Boen engineered flooring can be available in a variety of wood species and you can choose among a wide range of grades options, thicknesses, and patterns with pre-oiled or pre-lacquered surfaces.

The unique selling proposition (USP) of Boen engineered hardwoods is that they are one of the most suitable wood for under floor heating. To preserve the ecological settings, it is made sure that all the Boen Hardwood floors are sourced from sustainable forests.

The three wood layers are used to manufacture engineered Boen flooring. The most prominent one is the solid wood top layer (1mm to 6 mm thickness) which is attached with plywood’s thin pieces running in different directions. This results in high durability as the newly engineered Boen Hardwood is more stable in comparison to solid wood.

There are two distinct ways of fitting Boen flooring. Boen hardwood floor comes with tongue and groove edges, furtively nailed to a wooden sub-floor or it can be attached down if it is laid down to a concrete floor. Another way can be using ‘easy to fit click together’ system which makes Boen flooring installed as a floating floor. The second way makes installation easier.


Boen flooring and underfloor heating can go together very well and this combination has advantages too. The room temperature and moisture for underfloor heating are highly stable that the rooms with radiators. Boen Hardwood floors have a low thermal resistance which means that transfer of heat is barely mired. Boen flooring is highly cost effective when put together with the underfloor heating system. This gives you an enduringly unwavering floor under your bases.

Care and Maintenance

Boen Hardwood flooring is subject to natural wear and tear, of course, depending on the strain you keep your hardwood under. Marks, stains, high use and side-effects of high-quality treatments can make your floor looked rugged and jarred. Therefore, it is the best practice to follow preventive measures to take care of your beloved Boen flooring.

Tips for a Beautiful Boen Flooring

  • Dirt and dust should be stopped at the doorstep either by the use of doormats or taking away the shoes at the entrance only.
  • Use felt gliders underneath your furniture, especially chairs and tables to prevent scratches and scrapes.
  • Vacuuming regularly is highly advised. Dust and moisture should be wiped off as soon as possible to prevent the wood from absorbing it. You can practice daily cleaning with a broom or dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. There are specially made soap formulas that are used to clean Boen floors, especially the oiled hardwood floors. For heavier dirt, thorough cleaning is required.
  • Arrange regular inspections where the Boen flooring installer visits the facility to look at the condition of the hardwood floor and recommend initial precautions and measures to save floors from wear and tear.
  • You can clean dirt stain of items such as heel rubber, shoe polish, oil, tarmac, tar and chocolate with white spirit.
  • Marks of ink, lipstick, printer ink, biro and ink ribbons can be removed using regular spirits.
  • Blood stains can be easily removed using cold water.
  • Stubborn stains of wine, cream, juice, berries, and fruits, non-alcoholic beverages, beer, tea and coffee are best removed using the regular household cleaner.