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Bruadarach Auld Alliance Collection

We are excited to launch our new strip flooring Bruadarach Collection.  This compilation features 100% French Oak, design, quality and environmentally friendly timber from sustainable forests.

Discover the Bruadarach collection:

  1. Timeless Natural Hues
  2. Daylight Whites
  3. Subtle Greys
  4. Elegant Browns 
  5. Motifs
  6. Bois Mural


Timeless Natural Hues – natural shades are unsurpassed when it comes to reflecting light and help reinvent space.

Bois Flotte French Oak Zenitude


Opale Classic French Oak


Topaze French Oak Authentic


Huile Naturelle


Daylight Whites – a blend of neutral colours in a variety of textures including plaid and padded.

Huile Blanche French Oak Zenitude


Linen French Oak Authentic


Tufeau French Oak

Subtle Greys – on-trend way to enhance the oak’s grain.


Rafia French Oak


Dolmen French Oak


Elegant Browns – All reflections and shades … tones that evoke without question the luxury and elegance.

Habano French Oak


Seductio French Oak


Shabi Graphite French Oak


Granit French Oak


Motifs – delicate and refined shades that will invite you in almost all your rooms whose volumes they will enhance and accentuate the reliefs. Soft and cosy ambiences ensured

Dolmen French Oak HB


Flanelle French Oak


Tufeau French Oak HB


Carmen French Oak No 5


Bois Mural – Wall Cladding

Duo Carbane Grey


Carbane Red


Carbane Green


Our team at McKay Flooring are dedicated to assisting and providing the most up to date information on all our products. So if you would like help to choose the right floor for your home or property please call us now on 0845 602 7694 or email enquiries@mckayflooring.co.uk