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Junckers Sports Flooring

Specifying sports hall flooring always involves balancing the demands of usage, cost and installation requirements. Many floors demand optimal conditions for everything from basketball to ballroom dancing and it can be especially hard to strike the perfect balance between the demands of professional and amateur users.


Technical Specifications

Junckers offers sports flooring systems which combine player safety with outstanding ball response, cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. The product of Junckers represents state of the art technology, conforming to BS7044, DIN18032 and the forthcoming EN standard.


Designed for both new-builds and refurbishments, three of the systems feature Junckers’ new two-step shock absorbency system, combining soft rubber for fast recovery and hard rubber for rapid ball response. Laminated spruce battens ensure strength and stability with uniform performance across the whole floor and ENV fatigue tests demonstrate elasticity retention after 25 years of use.




We supply all types of Junckers sports flooring including:

UnoBAT 50, a single layer batten system with an installation height of only 50mm. Perfect for renovations, it can be laid over an existing level surface.

UnoBAT 62+ shares the single layer construction but can be installed over un-even subfloors.

DuoBAT 110+ can also be levelled and has a double-batten system for optimum shock-absorption, resilience and ball bounce. This is Junckers’ ultimate high-performance sports floor.

Finally, the Junckers Clip System offering just 32mm height and easy to install glue and nail free fastening system.

More about Junckers sports flooring systems can be found below:

BluBat batten system


New Era UnoBat


UnoBat 50


UnoBat 62


DuoBat 110


Clip System


If you would like more information on these Junckers products, please call our showroom on 0845 602 7694 or email enquiries@mckayflooring.co.uk.