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Pavimenti Officina Collection

McKay Flooring is happy to share our new Pavimenti Officina range that features unique Italian parquet wood flooring.  As soon as we set our eyes on these beautifully crafted and handmade parquet designs in this new collection, we decided to share them with our clients to appreciate the intricate art they withhold.

The Officina107 range is made up by a range of modern, sophisticated and timeless colours.  It is the only system that incorporates woods, wallpaper, wall painting and ceramic carpets.

Innovative system

The Legni_ Mosso

This collection offers different shapes, textures and surfaces.  Mosso is made from 3 different platform sizes, each one featured by a special unique surface.  The patterns on the timber are handcrafted through traditional tools.  The structure features two-layered boards with Birch plywood support built with Legnoflex Technology balancing tongue and groove jointed selection.  This European Handmade Oak holds country knots of different dimensions and cracks, filled with black filler.

Mosso #01

Mosso #02

Mosso #03

Mosso #04

Mosso #05

Mosso #06

Mosso #07

Mosso #08

Mosso #09

Mosso #Nat


A timeless classic, the Chevron design, re-interpreted and improved in a modern way.

The neutral colours of the collection generate new versions, no longer a static and traditional surface, but contemporary floorings consistent with the new residential uses.
The manufacturing, made through manual engravings, traces a design that overlaps the graceful one of the chevron pattern.
The finishing touch completes the work of the masters of trade: the zero gloss coating lends Segno the aspect of an ancient surface, enhanced by the noble nature of the wood.

Segno #01

Segno #03

Segno #09

Segno #Nat

If you are interested in any of these parquet flooring designs, please call us on 0845 602 7694 or email us at enquiries@mckayflooring.co.uk