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Pavimenti Pangea Collection

Pangea Collection is a customisable system, that allows you to personalise and design your home with simplicity and creativity.  The designs are influenced by old-time Italian oak floors.

Dramatic tones and contrast of colours are displayed throughout the handmade wood.  Light and dark shadows highlight the patterns and the intersections of the different layouts.  Multiple shapes collate together through one single element that creates a set, and then a project. The light cuts the surfaces making the depth of the wood grain stand out.  The collection is unique - there will never be two elements alike.

Available in 5 different toned finishes and 6 different geometrical patterns:


Binariocreta_pattern_binariofango_pattern_binariolava_pattern_binariopetra_pattern_binarioterra_pattern_binariocorrerecreta_pattern_correrefango_pattern_correrelava_pattern_correrepetra_pattern_correreterra_pattern_correreintrecciocreta_pattern_intrecciofango_pattern_intrecciolava_pattern_intreccioterra_pattern_intreccio (1)terra_pattern_intreccioitalianacreta_pattern_italianalava_pattern_italianapetra_pattern_italianaterra_pattern_italianaquadroquadro_creta